Movie Arc of Justice @BOZAR

In the late 1960s, in the town of Albany in the South of the United States, history was written. The first Community Land Trust would be established there. The initiative came from people from the civil rights movement. In a hostile, white environment they were convinced that access to land would be the key to real emancipation. They bought a piece of land on which they founded an agricultural community, managed as a CLT. The film Arc of Justice tells the extraordinarily fascinating story of that first CLT, its origins, downfall and resurrection.

On Monday 28 May at 8 pm we will show the film in Bozar. The performance is part of the Bozar Occupied festival. The film will be introduced by John Davis, one of the leading figures from the American CLT movement and co-producer of the film, followed by a short debate with John Davis and Line Algoed. She works as a researcher with the Caño Martín Peña Community Land Trust of Puerto Rico. The residents of an informal neighborhood in the capital organized and set up a CLT to guarantee their living rights and the permanent affordability of the houses.

Free entrance – French subtitles – Duration of the film: 22 minutes

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